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The PowerPot V

The PowerPot V
5W Portable Generator / Cooking Pot

The PowerPot combines the benefits of a lightweight cooking pot and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal while charging your gadgets. Power any off-grid adventure while heating up a meal on a backpacking stove or sitting around the campfire.

The PowerPot is a perfect solution for both camping and also Emergency Preparedness Kits.

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Charges any USB Device
Use over any Heat Source
Dual Utility
Use it for cooking and power.
Very Lightweight
(Weighs less than the average 5 Watt Solar Panel)
Works day or night, rain or shine.
Weather & Fire Resistant




The PowerPot converts a temperature difference into electricity without any moving parts using thermoelectric technology. To achieve this temperature difference, simply add water to the PowerPot and set it on a fire. The larger the temperature difference, the more power is generated. Even at a boil water is always colder than fire!




Place Water in PowerPot, place over heat sources and start charging your usb devices




The PowerPot saved our bacon last night when we ran out of juice... We've tried quite a few of these devices, in fact, we hauled a 20 lb. solar charger to try to keep all our camera equipment going.  It didn't work. But this thing however, has been cranking!!

-Kristin Hostetter,
BackPacker Magazine

The PowerPot is a unique, rugged, reliable, useful, and effective tool for backpacking, car camping, travel trailers, sailing voyages, and bush pilot adventuring.  This amazing camp gadget would definitely be a great addition to anyone's emergency survival pack.

-James Hannibal,



  • How to use PowerPot V?

    Using the PowerPot is as easy as making a cup of tea.  Simply add water to the pot, plug in the charging cable, and set the PowerPot on the fire.  It only takes 10-30 seconds for the PowerPot to start generating power to charge your phone or other portable USB devices.

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  • What heat sources can I use?

    The PowerPot can use any heat source that can be used for cooking (hot enough to eventually boil water). This an open fire, gas stoves, propane stoves, wood stoves, and more... Always remember to be careful when working with fire!

  • Can I Cook Food in the PowerPot?

    Maximum power generation is easiest to achieve while using water in the PowerPot.  However, cooking noodles or broth-based soup, anything that can boil, is also okay and won't damage the PowerPot. If you need to fry an egg, you're welcome to use the included metal lid/bowl.

  • How Fast Does the PowerPot V Charge?

    Typical electronics like cell phones will charge from 0-100% in the same amount of time as they do at home using the wall outlet (1-2 hours).  Tablets may charge at only half the maximum speed, check out the PowerPot X if you're primarily interested in tablet charging.

  • What can you Charge with the PowerPot V?

    The PowerPot V comes with a standard 1 Amp USB output, so you can charge any of your portable USB devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, lights, and more...

  • Can I charge my iPhone 5 with the PowerPot V?

    Yes!  The maximum output of the PowerPot V is 1 Amp and the maximum input for the iPhone is 1 Amp, so you can charge your phone in the same amount of time as at home.

  • Will the Cable Melt?

    This is not your typical electronics cable, but rather furnace wiring with a high temperature silicone coating.  It can withstand much higher temperatures (500F+) and intermittent contact with flames.

  • Can I break the PowerPot?

    The PowerPot has no moving parts so it's exceptionally robust; however, do not use the PowerPot on a fire without any water inside as this can overheat and damage the generators. Remember, the PowerPot ships with a limited lifetime warranty!


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